Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Get the Right Home With Sacramento Mortgage Lenders Help

Looking for a new home to purchase can be tricky because we want the home of our dreams but don’t want to get carried away about it. Our family’s needs inside and outside the home are a top priority in the thought process of home buying. West Coast Mortgage Group, a Sacramento mortgage group focused on mortgage lending made simple, found 3 ways that could help protect your family while searching for a new home. Moving around too much has negative affect on kids The first thing you need to take into account – is the house affordable? What good is home to you if you can barely pay a mortgage on it? Being financially stable is the best security you can give your family. In 2008, many families lost their home due to the housing crisis because banks gave out loans to those who weren’t really ready to purchase homes.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Sacramento Mortgage Broker Says these Drop Home Value

Not all additions and changes are going to add value to your house. West Coast Mortgage Group, a Sacramento mortgage broker that also works in cities across the country, found the holy grail of renovations that should not be done to your home when thinking about selling. Scott McGillivray, the host of HGTV series Income Property and author of How to Add Value to Your Home, give great perspective on unwise renovations: 1. Keep the Master bedroom and guest bedroom separated. Many people believe that by making their master bedroom bigger, they will add value to their home. This could work if you were to add onto the house, but if bigger means breaking down the wall that separates the two rooms to just make one large room – then say goodbye to your home’s value.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What Sacramento Mortgage Rates Could Mean for Homeowners

The Fed’s have got your back! The Federal Reserve is looking out for homeowners from having to pay unruly mortgage rates. Earlier this month, the Fed’s took the time to meet up and concluded with the following statement: “To support continued progress toward maximum employment and price stability, the Committee today reaffirmed its view that the current 0 to 1/4 percent target range for the federal funds rate remains appropriate.” By keeping the mortgage rates low, their hopes are that the economical growth of the country will begin to see improvement. Chief economist, Scott Brown agrees that this is the correct path to travel down by keeping the mortgage rates low. He expressed, “The idea is that you want to encourage more economic activity. Having low interest rates, consumers are more likely to be able to borrow, take risks and to make car and home purchases.”

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Now is the time to talk to a Mortgage Broker in Sacramento

Are you wondering how today compares to those of the past when it comes to owning a home? So many American’s are starting to ask this question and mortgage brokers across the United States agree that now is a great time to own a home. Don’t believe us – just check out the picture. If you are new to the housing market and looking to buy a home, you are in luck! Every state shows an overall home value increase. Economy on the rise Since the recession in 2007, the United States has suffered from a declining economy. But with signs of houses going up in value, it proves that our economy is actually in a healing process right now. We can safely say that our economical situation is improving.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mortgage Refinance Tips and Advice from Sacramento Mortgage Lenders

For an average individual who is not employed in a mortgage industry, the mortgage jungle is very devastating. Mortgages are complicated and somehow hard to maneuver. In this article, there are some tips and guidelines of what an average individual is supposed to understand when in need Sacramento mortgage companies to help you. Reverse mortgage funding As individuals grow up, living expenditure tend to increases significantly, this has resulted to several elders decide to look for the Sacramento mortgage lenders to offer assistance with this expenditure. This alternative, in general, works correctly for those individuals who have ultimately paid for their apartments and got no mortgage against it. When you take the advantage of a reverse mortgage, you will get an income from the equity that your house carries every month.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Working with Sacramento Mortgage Companies

The housing market can be quite fickle at times. One minute the market is looking really good; and the next minute, it’s the last place you want to be. Over the years the housing market has become saturated with so-called truths and even higher expectations. Due to all of these factors, the housing market has gotten kind of an unfair rap. This is why you need to work with a mortgage company. Sacramento mortgage companies have a major advantage. They know where the truth lies in the housing market. They also know how to get the most return out of your investment.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sacramento has a Progressive Blueprint for Mortgage Lenders and the US Real Estate Industry

Over the past 20 years, the mortgage industry has endured many ebbs and flows, which have altered the protocols for home buyers, real estate investors and mortgage professionals. As a result of the housing market crash in 2006, many real estate sectors across the nation have experienced losses that have been very difficult to recover from. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some geographical markets have witnessed a surge in residential purchases and refinance agreements. For example, Sacramento, CA has experienced an uptick in home sales over the past few years, including a 21 percent increase of home sales since June of 2014. The positive sales growth is attributed to enhanced federal regulation, better structured loans, affordable homes and other factors, such as an enhanced quality of life because of the expansion of businesses, restaurants and cultural attractions in the region.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tips For Preparing To Apply For A Sacramento Mortgage

Are you getting ready to apply for a home loan? Whether you are trying to purchase your first home, a vacation home, or your retirement home, you want to give yourself the best shot at success. To do that, you are going to want to make sure that you are taking advantage of the following tips. Check Your Credit Report Even if you have an excellent level of income and a nice down payment, you still need an excellent credit score. You need a great score to not just get approved for the Sacramento mortgage, but to get the best possible interest rate. After all, the lower the interest rate – the lower the monthly payments will be.Just make sure that you are checking all three credit reports from the top reporting agencies.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Sacramento mortgage: Things are looking really good, great even!!!

This much is true: The Sacramento housing market hasn’t always been its best. But good news Sacramentans, according to the Calculated Risk blog, things are looking pretty good for the area. New data shows that in Sacramento’s housing market, total sales were up a whopping 21.7% form where they were in June of 2014. The data implies that the market is in the healing process with fewer distressed sales, more equity sales, and less investor buying. This is great news indeed! Now it’s all about getting ready to jump in and start looking for the right opportunity!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Moving past foreclosure: Sacramento mortgage companies can help!!

To say that the process of going through a home foreclosure is hard, is a complete understatement. The fact is that it’s devastating. Not only have you lost a home, but the struggles associated with such a setback tend to have far reaching consequences that go a lot further than just financial. Many lose relationships, self-esteem and the dream of ever owning a home again. Despite losing a home, a lot of folks are able to be resilient and are inspired to learn from their previous experiences. Securing another mortgage isn’t impossible after suffering a foreclosure. Here are a few tips on how to get back in the game.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Even if you’re a boomerang buyer, Sacramento mortgage lenders can help

It’s no secret that the housing, job and ”everything-market” went down the tubes a few years ago. A lot of us are still reeling from the traumas of having to move after a foreclosure. There really aren’t a lot of things that carry more stress than losing a home to the banks. Although the scenario of losing a home to foreclosure is a hard thing to weather coming back from it is possible. In fact, the dream of owning doesn’t have to be lost. The market has seemed to show a recent comeback that is chalk-full of “Boomerang Buyers.” That’s right “Boomerang Buyers.” They are exactly what they sound like; folks who lost their homes to foreclosure that are getting back on that horse to find a new home. If you’re one of those “Boomerang Buyers,” here’s a few tips on how to go about the process this time around.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

With all the upcoming growth, why not find a mortgage in Sacramento?

It seems lately that the Sacramento Valley has been getting a little more attention than usual. Whether it be from its popular farm-to-fork movement or it being named one of the 10 Best housing markets in the nation, the Capitol City look to be rising to the occasion. Considering the fact that Sacramento has also been recognized by The Wall Street Journal as one of the best 6 Great Small Cities for Food Lovers and by as being the “New Oakland,” for the affordability, food, coffee and nightlife, things are looking for the ol’ “cowtown.” Sacramento really is a great place to live. The Midtown and Downtown areas also look to be on the move as the building of the new arena is projected to finish construction in 2016. This sort of anchor will draw even more great food, shopping and nightlife to an already great scene.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Looking into a VA loan with Sacramento mortgage companies is a great option

Over the past few years banks have made lending standards a little more stringent, opening the doors and demand for consumers to seek out VA loans. In order to be eligible for a VA loan you’ll need to be a member of the military, veterans, reservists or the National Guard. Also, spouses of military members who died while on active duty or as a result of service connected disability are eligible. Members that are active-duty, in most cases qualify for VA loans following at least six-months of service. Reservists and National Guard members must wait six years, unless they are called to active duty. If they’ve served 181 days of service, then they will eligible also.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sacramento mortgage lenders want to make sure you know all of your options.

With every year that passes, the amount of things you need to know about everything increases. Whether it be to keep up on the latest technology or knowing what new rules the IRS is imposing, the fact is, is that you need to be in the know. Especially if you’re teetering on the fence about purchasing a new home, you’ll need to be up on the newest regulations and rates that are out there. Many times, doing a little bit of research will help you save a ton of time and in turn, save you even more money. The good news is, that even if your credit isn’t stellar, you can still qualify for various types of loans. Most lenders would like to see a minimum credit score of 650, but even if yours is lower, there are still a lot of options.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sacramento Mortgage Companies want you to know what you can afford!

When looking for a mortgage in Sacramento knowing what you can afford ahead of time can be the one thing that keeps you out of foreclosure in the future. And foreclosure usually ends up costing you way more than just your home. Sometimes it will put a strain on your personal relationships, job and even your own self-esteem. Having that extra room or lot space isn’t worth losing your piece of mind. Sacramento mortgage companies like West Coast Mortgage can help you steer clear of those potential problems. Here are a few tips that will help you to truthfully examine what size home you can afford. Keeping your expenses at 28% of less of you gross income is one great way to prove to a lender that you can afford to get into a home. Usually being able to put 20% down will help to lock in the loan you want. Although it’s not mandatory, the bigger down payment you’re able to pay, the less stress you will feel in the long run.

Monday, April 20, 2015

First-time buyers need to know this when seeking a Sacramento Mortgage

Given the rocky economy of the past decade, not a lot of us are in the position of owning multiple homes. Unless you’re one of the few people who bought up a bunch of property in the early 2000’s to flip, you’re most likely a person looking to make your first purchase. Even if you’re not, keeping your mind sharp with how to choose the right mortgage broker will always serve you well. For the most part, many buyers that are currently in the market for a home are looking for more than just an investment. Now that the economy is getting somewhat back on track, most folks are wanting to get themselves into a stable situation, which includes a staying in a home for more than just a couple of years. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re aligning yourself with reputable Sacramento mortgage lenders like West Coast Mortgage.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Licensed Mortgage Lenders in Sacramento are there to help you!

If you are looking to purchase your first home, it is very important to have a clear vision of your financial situation. In order to make an informed decision, one should definitely have complete knowledge regarding the mortgage process. Here are three things that you should know before shopping for a mortgage company. Pre-Qualification/ Pre Application Process: First, mortgage lenders in Sacramento will ask you to give them a copy of your credit report. If any errors occur, that could delay your approval process, leading to a risk of a higher interest rate. Also one should understand the debt-to-income ratio. Always try to make a higher down payment so that you’ll have to borrow less for the monthly payments.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Take the assistance of mortgage lenders when investing in a real estate!

For the first time home-buyer, there is a fair chance that you may not get the right deal. This is the reason why it’s always important to take the assistance of experienced mortgage lenders, like West Coast Mortgage when investing in a real estate. Lack of updated information and knowledge also causes a person to face losses when purchasing a new home. Below, we have listed some of the top regrets that most buyers face when purchasing home for first time. Renovation Ambitions: Many buyers have grand plans to improve the decor of the home. But somehow due to financial issues or too little space, they have to compromise with the functionality and appeal of the house. Make sure before getting involved with a Sacramento mortgage company that you have a clear vision of what you plan to do in the long term as opposed to just hurrying the process.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Tips On How to Overcome Credit Card Related Hindrances When Looking for Sacramento Mortgage Lenders

So making sure you make all the right moves before you get involved in the process of buying a home is imperative if you plan on achieving that ideal. One of the main things that get in the way of homeownership is credit card debt. That card you never paid off 15-years ago when you were in college has an uncanny way of haunting you years down the road. So making it a point to settle that debt prior to jumping into the process of finding a mortgage will save everybody involved time and stress.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Questions To Ask When Looking for Sacramento Mortgage Lenders

Sure, business owners have to worry about it too, but homeowners really need to concern themselves with every aspect of “Location!” Unlike a business owner, homeowners have to think about everything form the schools in their chosen neighborhood to the possibilities of property value fluxuations. Not only that, the homeowner has to eat, sleep and just plain live with the choices the make, whereas a business owner gets to go home after work. So in the battle of who gets to claim the most resonance to the “Location! Location! Location!” drumbeat, it looks like the homeowner is the winner. The main goal of Sacramento mortgage lenders, like West Coast Mortgage, is to make sure its customer gets the products they want. So here are few things to think about before making the life-long decision of homeownership form

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Potential Problems That A Lot Of New Homeowners Run In To

And just like the aforementioned life events, it’s important to have specialists helping you through the processes. Making sure you’re mining the resources from professionals that know their field well, will payoff indefinitely. According to a recent survey done by of 2,000 U.S. adults at least 25 years old and in possession of a driver’s license, 80 percent of new homebuyers have at least one major regret about their new home. Most of their remorse was attributed to basic issues such as home size home size, storage space etc. One complaint from a lot of newbies was that they didn’t expect the extra costs attributed to maintenance and insurance that go along with homeownership. That’s where a good Sacramento mortgage company could come into play.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Few Things to Remember Before Making an Offer On a Home

When faced with the arduous process of looking for and purchasing a home, the more information and knowledge you have, the better. Even if you are “in the know,” the ever-changing landscape of local and state government policies and regulations are, at times, tough to keep up with. That’s why it’s important to find a trustworthy mortgage broker in Sacramento at the start of the process. Prior to hammering out all of your financials, suggests a few practical tips to consider before making an offer on a home: Talk to the sellers If you’re able to get into direct contact with the sellers, they will end up being your best resource. They will be able to fill you in on everything from any renovations that have been done to the home to the specifics about the neighborhood.