Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Get the Right Home With Sacramento Mortgage Lenders Help

Looking for a new home to purchase can be tricky because we want the home of our dreams but don’t want to get carried away about it. Our family’s needs inside and outside the home are a top priority in the thought process of home buying. West Coast Mortgage Group, a Sacramento mortgage group focused on mortgage lending made simple, found 3 ways that could help protect your family while searching for a new home. Moving around too much has negative affect on kids The first thing you need to take into account – is the house affordable? What good is home to you if you can barely pay a mortgage on it? Being financially stable is the best security you can give your family. In 2008, many families lost their home due to the housing crisis because banks gave out loans to those who weren’t really ready to purchase homes.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Sacramento Mortgage Broker Says these Drop Home Value

Not all additions and changes are going to add value to your house. West Coast Mortgage Group, a Sacramento mortgage broker that also works in cities across the country, found the holy grail of renovations that should not be done to your home when thinking about selling. Scott McGillivray, the host of HGTV series Income Property and author of How to Add Value to Your Home, give great perspective on unwise renovations: 1. Keep the Master bedroom and guest bedroom separated. Many people believe that by making their master bedroom bigger, they will add value to their home. This could work if you were to add onto the house, but if bigger means breaking down the wall that separates the two rooms to just make one large room – then say goodbye to your home’s value.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What Sacramento Mortgage Rates Could Mean for Homeowners

The Fed’s have got your back! The Federal Reserve is looking out for homeowners from having to pay unruly mortgage rates. Earlier this month, the Fed’s took the time to meet up and concluded with the following statement: “To support continued progress toward maximum employment and price stability, the Committee today reaffirmed its view that the current 0 to 1/4 percent target range for the federal funds rate remains appropriate.” By keeping the mortgage rates low, their hopes are that the economical growth of the country will begin to see improvement. Chief economist, Scott Brown agrees that this is the correct path to travel down by keeping the mortgage rates low. He expressed, “The idea is that you want to encourage more economic activity. Having low interest rates, consumers are more likely to be able to borrow, take risks and to make car and home purchases.”

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Now is the time to talk to a Mortgage Broker in Sacramento

Are you wondering how today compares to those of the past when it comes to owning a home? So many American’s are starting to ask this question and mortgage brokers across the United States agree that now is a great time to own a home. Don’t believe us – just check out the picture. If you are new to the housing market and looking to buy a home, you are in luck! Every state shows an overall home value increase. Economy on the rise Since the recession in 2007, the United States has suffered from a declining economy. But with signs of houses going up in value, it proves that our economy is actually in a healing process right now. We can safely say that our economical situation is improving.